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SSI Thanks Duesberg & Farber

One year ago, former Semmelweis (SSI) members James Murtagh MD and Kevin Kuritzky alleged that SSI’s 2008 “Clean Hands” Award recipients Peter Duesberg and Celia Farber were unfit to receive their awards.  The charges were serious because, if true, SSI would rescind the awards.
When the SSI Board asked retired LAPD investigator Clark Baker to investigate the allegations, Murtagh and a small group of associates attacked the SSI Board and Baker in an effort to rescind the awards without an investigation – an act similar to the practice of “sham peer review” and in clear opposition of SSI’s goals and mission.
To their credit the Board refused to abandon the investigation and, when Murtagh and his tiny circle persisted, SSI eventually revoked their membership.  When Baker completed his investigation, the SSI Board uninamously appointed him to join the Board.
In an effort to further bully the SSI Board, former member Ralph Bard filed suit on behalf of three other ex-members, issuing a flurry of meritless complaints and demands.  But when the Board responded and demanded financial records that potentially exposed the ex-members to criminal, civil, and administrative scrutiny, they scattered like Murtagh when told that Celia Farber had filed her own lawsuit.  Bard, Murtagh, Moore, and Butler had no problem lying and bullying others – as long as they didn’t have to appear in a real court before real men.  That such individuals once controlled SSI indicates how dysfunctional the organization was before 2008.
In many ways, our membership cannot thank Professor Duesberg and Celia Farber enough for helping SSI identify and flush the rats from our organization.  As a result, SSI has never been stronger or more effective in the defense of maliciously targeted health care professionals.
One year after connecting him to these pharmaceutically-funded South African activist groups (TAC, AIDSTruth), Dr. Murtagh finally admits to being funded by them.
Murtagh is still on the run.  If anyone knows of his location, please notify Clark Baker so that he can be properly served.