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More Reasons to NOT Get Flu Shots?

AHRP reports that history is about to repeat itself:

In the 1976 swine flu vaccine program, 40 million people were vaccinated with an inadequately tested vaccine. The government gave the vaccine manufacturers immunity from liability, but created an alternative compensation program. Five thousand people sought benefits for vaccine injuries.

Today, as in 1976, official concern has focused on flu vaccine availability without regard for the safety of an H1N1 vaccine. Many national regulatory agencies have set-up fast-track approval processes for the H1N1 vaccine, which means that a vaccine might be licensed without the usual safety and efficacy data requirements. Vaccine safety will therefore have to be monitored through post-marketing surveillance.

But there is reason for concern that we will repeat the debacle of the 1976 H1N1 outbreak in the USA, where mass vaccination was associated with complications, which stopped the campaign and led to the withdrawal of the vaccine.

What’s more, today, the government has NOT established an ALTERNATIVE COMPENSATION PROGRAM – as it had in 1976. The existing vaccine compensation program covers only designated vaccines and does NOT cover most adult vaccines.

The U.S. government has adopted (what critics regard) a reckless policy encouraging (if not mandating) the use of untested controversial vaccines with novel adjuvants likely to be used to strengthen vaccines and stretch the supply–they are named MF59 (Novartis) and ASO3 (Glaxo Smith-Kline). Only 3 vaccines using these adjuvants have been licensed in Europe, and none have been given a license in the US.

It is likely that these adjuvants will cause far more damage and autoimmune illness than the swine vaccine used in 1976.

Indeed, manufacturers have been given immunity from liability, as have the government program planners. But no compensation mechanism has been created for citizens who are likely to suffer harm. This is but a tacit acknowledgement that the vaccines are likely to produce harm.

Doctors Without Boundaries

As I begin the second year of my investigation into the AIDS scam, I am still amazed by each day’s revelations. Unlike the predators I’ve driven from the street, Robert Gallo and his cohorts at the Institute of Human Virology (IHV) now behave as if they want to get caught. After decades of acquiescent oversight, NIAID Director Tony Fauci looks more like Tony Soprano than a medical doctor.

Last week I reported that the HIV drug Sustiva is not only being smoked like crack cocaine by thousands, but that abstinence from the drug compromises immune function in the same way that clinicians identify the onset of AIDS. Marketed as a “non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor,” Bristol-Myers Squibb provides no warning of the drug’s highly addictive hypnotic properties or it’s terrifying and potentially deadly affects of withdrawal.

As if that wasn’t enough, the book Dissecting a Discovery, promoted internationally by Gallo and his goons since December 2007 as the most “important reference book to read for the history of AIDS,” is as fraudulent as Gallo and his goons at IHV. With experience allegedly “sought after by Heads of State, Foreign & Political Dignitaries,” the author is in truth an unarmed security guard who also sells filters from his garage.

Based upon information from the Orange County Sheriff and Culver City Police departments, it appears that Nikolas Kontaratos is not licensed to investigate anything and is probably not even qualified to apply for the exam. After I spoke with Kontaratos last week, IHV’s goons quickly distanced themselves from Kontaratos and his book, although it is still being pushed in three languages around the world.

While most Americans would not risk the embarrassment of such an indiscretion, I attribute Gallo’s diminished inhibitions to:

  • CONFUSION – Most Americans, including those in Congress, local, state, and federal law enforcement, don’t know (or don’t want to know) anything about microbiology, the scientific process, or how Congress spends billions of our taxes each year. When mobsters like Fauci report that millions of Americans will die unless taxpayers spend billions of dollars to produce a vaccine (protection racket), we respond as irrationally as Bernie Madoff’s once-ambitious investors. The problem with Madoff and Fauci is not that conmen exist, but that agencies like that SEC and Justice Department are too lazy, incompetent, or corrupt to investigate.
  • VANITY – Most Americans prefer not having these goons tell them that they’re not as smart as highly paid AIDS researchers or clinicians. So rather than question the biotechnical community’s incoherent gibberish, we politely accept what they say to avoid the scathing condescension that is characteristic of defensive conmen who can’t answer important questions.
  • APATHY – People ignore AIDS because AIDS doesn’t affect them and has never been a leading cause of death in the United States or Africa.
  • TRUST – Most Americans trust that researchers and clinicians will not turn science into a criminal theology or squander billions of dollars pushing fake research and addictive toxins to enrich themselves. 
  • CONFIDENCE – Most Americans have an irrational faith that scientists and the oversight agencies they fund can police themselves and that, wherever fraud exists, Gallo’s friends within the CDC, FDA, and NIH will report the criminal activities that fund their own mortgages, cars, and ballet lessons.

Under the pretext of “public safety,” these mobsters achieve what common racketeers accomplish with extortion, fraud, intimidation, and terrorism. Nevertheless, after nearly three decades and $1 trillion in wasted research, thousands of real scientists are still asking the same embarrassing questions.

Even before Science published his four unproven assumptions (1, 2, 3, 4), Gallo was hounded by reports of incompetence:

In 1975, Gallo and Weiss stated that they had isolated a human leukemia virus, HL23 virus, but this was shown later to have resulted from laboratory contamination by three primate retroviruses. In 1980 Gallo claimed to have isolated a human T-cell leukemia virus (HTLV), but did not present positive evidence that this was a human virus. During 1983-4, Gallo and his associates published several papers asserting that the human leukemia virus, HTLV-1, was the agent involved in the development of AIDS. This was eventually disproven but meanwhile the attention of many scientists was misdirected, wasting time and resources that could have been put to far better use… (Karpas)

When I began my investigation in June 2008, Gallo’s goons sent dozens of reports to me that they said “proved the existence of HIV and AIDS.” But like Gallo’s original reports, none explained who, when, where, and exactly how HIV was proven to attack cells or cause AIDS. At best, the reports that I subsequently reviewed were either entirely unreadable or they assumed Gallo’s unproven speculation. The final paragraphs of Gallo’s own chatty gibberish illustrate the weightlessness of his reports:

The transient expression… and the previous lack of a cell system… represent a major obstacle in the detection, isolation, and elucidation of the precise causative agent of AIDS (e.g., we can’t prove it yet.) [1]

These studies… provide strong evidence of a causative involvement of the virus in AIDS. (e.g. Inconclusive) [2]

these immunological and nucleic data clearly indicate that HTLV-III is a true member of the HTLV-II family and that it is more closely related to HTLV-II than to HTLV-I. (e.g., This looks more like this than that.) [3]

The data presented here and in the accompanying reports suggest that HTLV-III is the primary cause of AIDS. (e.h., Inconclusive) [4]

Despite millions of pages of incomprehensibly cross-referenced incoherence, these reports (and those stacked upon them) provide no specific information that disinterested and unbiased third parties can use to reproduce experiments used to actually prove or replicate those experiments.

NOTE: Readers can confirm this for themselves by contacting Tony Fauci, Robert Gallo or his staff. Request from them links to documents that “specifically indicate how independent researchers can duplicate the experiments that were performed to prove that HIV attacks cells and causes AIDS.” Don’t get distracted when they call you a denialist or start yammering about protease inhibitors, viral loads, T-cells, or Nobel Prizes. While you’re waiting (you’ll wait a long time), you might see how MIT graduate students built this PDF engine to generate gibberish-filled scientific reports and how easily they were accepted into nationally-accredited journals around the world (more here). I published this fake report in two minutes with my own name. If you eventually do receive links or files from the mobsters or goons that look somewhat legitimate, please send them to me.

Saving Gallo’s Legacy

To put an end to decades of accusations, embarrassment, charges, and scandal, mobsters like Gallo and Fauci needed someone to stop the questions once and for all.

But who could they get?

Gallo’s goons routinely sign each other’s reports and nominate each other for prestigious awards, so assigning one of them to write a book about IHV’s sloppy research might have looked somewhat incestuous. Even if a real scientist suffered ridicule, he couldn’t risk exposure.

Gallo and the goons at IHV needed someone truly independent – someone with not only a reputation of unimpeachable credibility but who would also not notice if something was amiss. They needed someone who was reasonably cooperative and open to gentle guidance and redirection so that the book would deliver the expected conclusions. The book also required the same integrity and intellectual weight that was expected in all of Gallo’s AIDS-related research.

Policeman and private investigators were problematic. If caught faking evidence or lying to a court, a perjury beef would result in the loss of the investigator’s license, badge, and career. Unlike some judges and lawyers who think that impartiality is something to aspire to, credibility is an intrinsic part of professional cops and investigators.

Robert Gallo needed someone like Warren Christopher – someone whose experience was sought by heads of state, dignitaries, A-list celebrities, county agencies, as well as the United States Government; someone whose expertise has benefitted U.S. presidents and prime ministers but also possesses the necessary wisdom and servility to reach the appropriate conclusion.

Unfortunately, such men are hard to find. Christopher was visiting his taxidermist, William Bratton was juking stats for the Vignali boys, Bernard Kerik was under investigation, Tony Pellicano was in jail, Arthur Anderson was under new management, Jessie Jackson wanted too much money, and Johnny Cochran was dead.

Despite the overwhelming odds, Gallo found his man after a recommendation by IHV researcher Dr. Tony Kontaratos.

The Candidate

According to the website, Nikolas Kontaratos was a retired police officer whose:

experience was sought after by Heads of State, Foreign & Political Dignitaries, A-list celebrities, County Agencies, as well as the United States Government. His strength in security planning has benefited separately a former U.S. President, a Prime Minister, and top level Olympic organizing for the 2004 Summer Games in Athens

Kontaratos didn’t say who, but it “was over dinner one night that he was asked to investigate the international scandal.” After “three years of interviews, persistent document collection, and reading the many accounts and records…” Kontaratos claims to have uncovered and exposed shameful secrets by drawing on his formidable investigative credentials:

(Kontaratos) “… documented with incontrovertible evidence what really happened between scientists, politicians, and countries when AIDS made itself known onto the world stage. Exposing the harsh realities of an unforgiving society and the battles that took place behind the scenes as scientists raced to understand the coming epidemic the disease would bring to our world.”

A Masterwork!

(Kontaratos’ book is) “…

an investigative exposé about the biggest scandal ever to hit research medicine: the controversial-laden discovery of the HIV virus. A discovery which united among others, the French Government, a United States Congressman, and a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, into a lynch mob all after one American scientist. Who really did discover HIV? And why was one scientist, Dr. Robert Gallo, whose discoveries has saved countless lives, so hated?”

The website further describes the book as an ironclad exposure of the truth… (that) stands alone as a timeless, important, historical reference loaded with many new shocking revelations proved true… Congress has asked Dr. Gallo for materials to be donated to them to preserve forever his part in this drama of discovery. This book is to be included in that collection of materials

Gallo, Kontaratos, and the Mayor met in Rome for the book’s “grand unveiling” at World AIDS Day 2007. Translated into Italian and Spanish, it was heralded by four icons of the AIDS industry:

Congratulations – This book is the best,” said Barbara Culliton.

If anyone can recognize rigorous investigative work, Ms. Culliton is that person. As the Deputy Editor of Health Affairs, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Investigative Medicine, Editor-in-Chief (and Founder) of the Genome News Network, Correspondent-at-Large for Science, Deputy Editor and Washington Bureau Chief for Nature and paid consultant to Gallo’s Institute of Human Virology, her respect for the literary works of security guards and part-time filter salesmen is no different from the complicit journalism that helped mobsters like Fauci and Gallo become the icons of medicine they are today. It also explains why the editors of Science refused to respond to the demand by these cretinous doctors and scientists to depublish Gallo’s four original 1984 reports and how Gallo got his revised version of AIDS history published Nature.

Coincidentally, Culliton’s published works include titles like A Conundrum of Ethics, Politics and Genes, Clinical Investigation: An Endangered Science, and NIH needs clear definition of fraud.

You have done a great service to science history,” said Dr. MG Sarngadharan.

As a co-author of three (1, 2, 3) of Gallo’s four original reports and “co-inventor of the AIDS test,” few people in the world understand the importance of scientific integrity better than Dr. Sarngadharan. Anyone who is impressed by Robert Gallo’s miraculous discoveries will appreciate Mr. Kontaratos’ comparative incandescence.

With this book you have performed a tour de force on behalf of the scientific truth,” said Dr. Daniel Zagury.

As one of Gallo’s accessories since the beginning of AIDS and author of similar works, Zagury knows what an investigative tour de force looks like. He is also the Founder of the French biotechnology company Neovacs.

Coincidentally, Barbara Culliton defended Zagury in this article (1992) after he was accused of, among other things, conducting medical experiments on African orphans. It is unclear if Kontaratos or another security guard conducted that investigation.

Your book is a masterwork of the truth told in an energizing and page-turning craft,” said Dr. William Blattner.

Having spent his entire career with the same mobsters at Cornell and U. of Maryland’s School of Medicine, one can also sees how this co-founder of Gallo’s Institute of Human Virology is so energized by the page-turning craft of Gallo’s security guard.Sarcasm aside, the fact that Gallo specifically chose Kontaratos to author a book that chronicles his ostensible life and the work of his collaborators offers the first clue, from Gallo himself, that the foundation of all AIDS research, science, and policy is nothing more than a lie.

An Offer of Proof

Having conducted thousands of criminal investigations since 1980, it’s hard not to recognize the fundamental behavioral differences between the innocent and the guilty.

When falsely accused, the innocent will intuitively seek the most ethical, competent, and unbiased investigator available to dig up as much evidence as possible and to prove their innocence before an unbiased judge and jury. The guilty, however, are less enthusiastic about such investigators. Ideally, the guilty prefer less-skilled investigators who are less likely to find damning evidence and more likely to make mistakes. If given the opportunity, they will pay for someone to contrive a plausible alibi.

Although technically a “retired police officer,” Kontaratos spent no more than three months in a police academy, fifteen months in an Orange County jail, and nine months as a trainee with the Culver City Police before retiring with a complained-of knee injury in 1994. His experience is far different from the majority of retirees who spend twenty or thirty years responding to calls, interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects; collecting evidence, and putting cases together so that a competent jury can decide the reasonable guilt or innocence of a defendant. Although hundreds of thousands of highly qualified and ethically unchallenged investigators are licensed throughout the United States, the fact that Gallo singled out someone who had nothing more than the right credentials is as damning as it gets. In return, Gallo (or his goons) flew Kontaratos first class to Europe to meet the Mayor of Rome.

Investigators & Rats

While almost genetically identical to rats and primates, it is our intellectual curiosity that sets humans apart. While we are all genetically coded to be curious, some of us are more deeply driven by a desire to understand the world around us than others.

When it comes to intellectual curiosity, there little difference between incorruptible cops and incorruptible scientists. After one spends a few years working with peers of equal integrity, our ability to recognize imposters becomes as easy as one’s sense of smell. Proving what our senses tell us depends upon the acuity of our senses and whether the odor is masked or unmasked.

In the case of Gallo, his decades of misconduct are masked by a core group of scientists and journalists (~ 100) who are motivated by something other than intellectual curiosity. Based upon what I’ve found during this past year, Gallo appears to be a charismatic man who was, at best, intellectually lazy. Instead of pursuing excellence that sometimes leads to greatness, Gallo appears to have sought greatness and a pretext to make it plausible.

He didn’t have much time. Because of sloppy research and fraud related to the so-called War on Cancer, Congress was preparing to withdraw all funding from scientists like Gallo. At the same time, a small group of promiscuous, addicted, nitrite-huffing, gonorrheal and syphilitic bath house veterans began to get sick.

Faced with the imminent loss of funding, Gallo and his goons needed a new virus that they could frighten Americans with. At the same time, gay activists wanted the world to believe that their lifestyle had nothing to do with their symptoms. If lifestyle was blamed, individuals would be responsible. But if Gallo blamed a harmless retrovirus, President Reagan would be politically responsible if he didn’t support an unmerited fight against it. As a result, billions of taxpayer dollars were diverted from real diseases while Gallo and his goons enriched themselves and those who supported their theology: leaving only a handful of incorruptible journalists, scientists, and skeptics to ask questions. (More here)

By choosing Kontaratos to author “the world’s most important historical account of the history of AIDS,” Gallo’s effort to rewrite history provides the best evidence that all AIDS research was built on nothing more than a fraud.

This investigation is no longer about one isolated fraudster. The fact that none of Gallo’s goons within the IHV, the University of Maryland, the journals Science and Nature, Cornell University, the CDC, NIH or any other university or law enforcement agency ever bothered to check allegations against Gallo, Blattner, Culliton, Sarngadharan, or Zagury, shows that the fraud is systemic throughout the pharmaceutical industry and university research centers. The fact that the federal government relies on Tony Fauci’s advise and guidance is a problem.

Gallo’s goons include Nicolas Bennett, Jeanne Bergman, James Murtagh, Brian Foley, Nathan Geffen, Gregg Gonsalves, Bette Korber, Kevin Kuritzky, Nicoli Nattrass, Jeanne Bergman, Ken Witwer, Richard Jeffreys, Seth Kalichman, Todd DeShong, Eduard Grebe, Bob Funkhouser, and John Moore. While some are PhDs and MDs employed by universities like Syracuse, Cape Town, Johns Hopkins, Weill Medical School and Yale, others operate from the Los Alamos National Laboratory and advocacy groups like the ASRU, ITPC, Project Inform, and TAG. Some write books about their targets. Some are unemployed or expelled medical students. Some are simply not firing on all pistons. All are directly or indirectly supported or directed by the makers of HIV drugs under the nose of NIAID Director Tony Fauci, MD.

Their exclusive role is to isolate, attack, libel, stigmatize, destroy, complicate, or make miserable the lives of anyone who questions Gallo – or what they call “the consensus.”

Because real proof is as easy to produce as the hyperlinks I’ve posted in this blog, Gallo’s goons are hard pressed to explain why they’ve spent years attacking and writing books when they need do nothing more than email a PDF or post proof on a website. Their IS TOO! – IS NOT! arguments are tedious.


As evidence mounts, I believe that there is probable cause to believe that Robert Gallo and the employees within IHV are engaged in an ongoing criminal enterprise that has helped universities and drug companies defraud taxpayers of hundreds of billions of dollars since at least June 1981.

The fact that I, a retired cop and private investigator, could identify a fraud that the world’s top AIDS researchers and the editors of the most prestigious scientific journals could not (or refused to) identify makes these revelations even more disturbing. It also explains why the mainstream media is so intimidated when considering a story that challenges the “scientific consensus.” If I were a New York Times reporter, the last thing I’d want is someone like Barbara Culliton telling the owner that I’m a lousy investigator.

When I sent this sarcastic note to Gallo last year, I never expected his cheerful reply; nor could I stop the uncomfortable feeling of having insulted someone so out of step with reality.

The uniform enthusiasm for Dissecting a Discovery by Gallo, Culliton, Sarngadharan, Zagury, Blattner and the goons’ mindless devotion to AIDS theology is as soulless as the Borg.

The whole thing would be a farce except that healthy young women like Krizs are ordered to give their babies AZT under threat of having them taken away to be poisoned. This happens every day to women throughout Africa, Europe, and even in the United States. One Bay Area mother was threatened this year by Child Protective Services. After a tough fight, she was allowed to keep her children.

There is much at stake. Thousands, if not millions of people, are being poisoned and killed each year in the US and around the world because of mindless clinicians, Gallo’s goons, and Fauci’s acquiescence. In Texas last week, a man was sentenced to 45 years in prison after allegedly infecting six women with HIV. While he may be guilty of promiscuity, how does a jury convict someone of spreading HIV when the laws are built entirely upon Gallo’s unproven research? If the women begin taking AZT and Sustiva, the drugs and the stigma of Gallo’s benign virus will harm them much more than an evening of casual sex.

As for Kontaratos, I have no desire to attack him personally. At the same time, he should have recognized his role in covering up what has become a multi-billion dollar fraud that has sickened and killed millions and stained millions more with the stigma of nothing more than a harmless retrovirus.

Real scientists would answer these questions and would acknowledge their past mistakes – which is exactly why Gallo, Fauci, and their goons hate the so-called denialists.

SSI Award Recipient Files Defamation Suit

The New York Post reports that investigative reporter Celia Farber has filed suit this week against Atlanta physician James Murtagh MD, former medical student Kevin Kuritzky, and Richard Jefferys for libel and defamation:

Farber’s lawyers filed a 21-page libel complaint this week in Manhattan Supreme Court accusing Richard Jefferys, of the Treatment Action Group, of orchestrating a campaign against her last May when she was given the Semmelweis Clean Hands Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism for an article she wrote in Harper’s in 2006, “AIDS and the Corruption of Medical Science.”

The Harpers article gave credence to the work of Peter Duesberg, who believes HIV is a harmless “passenger” virus and not the cause of AIDS, and questioned the value of expensive antiretroviral drugs. Jefferys and his team blitzed the Semmelweis Society with e-mails claiming Farber had altered quotes and falsely misrepresented scientific papers.

The Semmelweis Society, in turn, launched its own investigation and concluded the AIDS industry itself has all the characteristics of a multibillion-dollar criminal enterprise that desperately needed whistleblowers.

Filed in the New York Supreme Court, Farber’s lawsuit gives the pharmaceutical industry their first opportunity to prove 20 years of allegations by applying rules of evidence before a real jury – a significant departure from their preferred methods that have relied on rhetorical blogs and highly paid pharmaceutical activists.

When Farber began reporting on HIV and AIDs in 1989, she was attacked in much the same way that the tobacco industry attacked Jeffrey Wigand PhD for disclosing its own corporate secrets.

With annual sales estimated between $500 billion and $1 trillion annually the pharmaceutical industry funds, directly and indirectly, an army of salesmen and attackers who target individuals they view as threats. In this email, Cornell researcher John P. Moore PhD warned:

This IS a war, there ARE no rules, and we WILL crush you, one at a time, completely and utterly (at least the more influential ones; foot-soldiers like you aren’t worth bothering with).

In a recent email to House of Numbers filmmaker Brent Leung, Moore promised to destroy Leung’s career just as he had destroyed Celia Farber.

Corruption is rampant throughout the pharmaceutical industry. Recently, Texas psychiatrist Karen Wagner was accused of disclosing $600 of the $160,000 she received from GlaxoSmithKline while ghostwriting a pediatric study that “helped the company promote the myth that Paxil was ‘safe and effective’ for use in children…” At the same time, “internal Glaxo emails show the data from pediatric Paxil trials were negative.”

Of 93 adolescents taking Paxil in the study, six had a suicide event (five attempted suicide), whereas one of the 89 adolescents on placebo had a suicide event. The suicide risk ratio for adolescents exposed to Paxil in the study was six times greater than those on placebo.

In Gallo’s Egg and later reports, Clark Baker described how the alleged co-discoverer of HIV, Robert Gallo, had failed to blame retroviruses for human leukemia (1975) and T-cell leukemia (1980) before blaming the alleged leukemia virus HTLV-1 on AIDS (1983-1984). When his research assistant found no connection between the alleged retrovirus and AIDS, Dr. Gallo scribbled over the report and published these in Science, (1, 2, 3, 4), completely circumventing the scientific peer review process. By the time Gallo’s scientific misconduct was confirmed in 1993, billions of tax dollars had been redirected from legitimate diseases to fight Dr. Gallo’s unproven virus.

When in this 2005 report, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) identified 1) heart disease, 2) stroke, 3) cancer, 4) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, 5) accidents, and 6) diabetes as the leading causes of death in the United States from 1970-2002, HIV and AIDS were not even mentioned.

According to the Fair Foundation, the NIH spends $206,906 per AIDS death in this country, while it spends only $13,365 per Diabetes death, $12,000 per prostate disease, $9,000 for Parkinson’s disease and $9,000 for Alzheimer’s disease.

If Miss Farber was the dangerous reporter the defendants made her out to be, one wonders why the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t brought their complaints to court before, and why operatives like Seth Kalichman are now recoiling like vampires at dawn. Kalichman’s employer relies on millions of dollars to study South Africa’s virtually non-existent HIV mortality. (The South African Government removed the original link shortly after the US Congress sent another $50 billion to Africamore here).

To be fair, Kalichman’s attacks against Farber are completely understandable. Having arrested thousands of felons during my career in law enforcement I understand, as well as Bernie Madoff, the awkwardness of being caught promoting a fraud. Like the tobacco operatives who badgered, threatened, and ridiculed Jeffrey Wigand PhD, the pharmaceutical industry has never had a problem finding people like Seth Kalichman, Murtagh, Kuritzky, Moore, or Jefferys to attack corporate threats like Farber, Peter Duesberg, and anyone else who threatens their arrangement.

Like the HIV/AIDS scandal, Bernie Madoff succeeded not because he was a masterful fraudster, but because the SEC and FBI failed to respond to repeated credible allegations that Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme.

For decades, the tobacco industry deliberately misled millions of people around the world because politicians won elections with tobacco money. Like tobacco, Washington politicians are reluctant to challenge the makers of HIV drugs because 1) many rely on pharmaceutical campaign contributions and 2) those who question HIV/AIDS are usually accused of being anti-gay.

The two most targeted groups for HIV testing and “treatment” (homosexuals and blacks) are also among the most silent. One cannot count the number of full-page glossy HIV testing and treatment ads in America’s leading gay publicans without appreciating how the gay movement is funded in America.

Despite the tragic death of Joyce Ann Hafford, the black community is still heavily targeted. Last year, Abbott Labs paid Magic Johnson $60 million to push HIV testing in that community. Apparently no one has noticed that AIDS only kills people who are subjected to HIV testing and treatment. Because of the toxic nature of “black box” HIV drugs, one wonders if Magic Johnson even takes them.

As for Murtagh, Kuritzky, and Jefferys, their only defense is to prove that Celia Farber is the monster they say she is. After two decades of allegations, one would think that they could come up with some verifiable evidence.

Shortly after issuing his report, the SSI Board unanimously appointed Baker to its Board where he still serves. 

Earlier this week, Baker traveled to Visalia CA where he assisted attorneys Jeff Grass, Alan Ullberg, and SSI Vice President Saundra Counce RN, in their successful defense of SSI member Lyle Grittith, MD.

Courthouse News also weighs in.  Developing…

Urciuoli sentenced to three years in federal prison

Robert Urciuoli was sentenced to three years in federal prison for conspiracy and mail fraud committed while he was president and CEO of Roger Williams Medical Center in Providence, R.I…

Prosecutors said Urciuoli directed Roger Williams Medical Center to pay then-state Sen. John Celona $260,000 over the course of six years to push the hospital’s interests in the General Assembly and intervene on its behalf in contract negotiations with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island and UnitedHealthcare. Urciuoli disguised the scheme by hiring Celona as a consultant to raise community awareness of an affiliated nursing home, according to the indictment.

Urciuoli initially was found guilty on the charges in 2006 and received the same sentence, but the conviction was overturned after an appeals court found that the jury based its conclusions on flawed instructions from the judge. Celona, who cooperated with prosecutors and testified at Urciuoli’s first trial, was sentenced to 2½ years for his role.  (more here)

House of Numbers

After the release of SSI’s investigation into AIDS co-discoverer Robert Gallo’s scientific misconduct, Brent Leung’s film, House of Numbers, will debut this month in cities throughout the US.

Mr. Leing gained unprecidented access to scientists and Nobel Laureates on both sides of the question, leaving it up to viewers to decide whether AIDS is a legitimate threat, or the scientific community’s greatest hoax. 

Now approaching $1 trillion in taxpayer support since 1981, it’s a fascinating view into the pharmaceutical industry whether one believes in the research or not. After two decades of NIH, CDC, and pharmaceutical retaliation against journalists and the media, the world has a chance to make up our own minds. House of Numbers will help you understand the mechanics of what may be America’s most virulent political virus.

If Bernard Madoff Were a Doctor

Dr. Kate Scannell compares disgraced financier Bernie Madoff to pharmaceutical shill, Scott S. Reuben, MD: 

In an analogous manner, the story of Dr. Scott S. Reuben tells the tale of one man who, in pursuit of personal gain, harmed huge segments of our nation’s health care system. That he could get away with falsifying pharmaceutical research and medical publications on such a massive scale over many years also tells a larger story about our nation’s medical research industrial complex. 

That complex — the enormous, poorly regulated, financially incestuous and opaque system that generates and disseminates the medical information we use to determine health care for patients — is similarly structured to allow individuals and privileged industries to profit through backroom deals. 

A few days ago, it was widely reported that Reuben, an anesthesiologist in Massachusetts and a faculty member of Tufts’ medical school, had falsified at least 21 of his 72 published research studies. He simply made them up. 

Many of those fictional studies promoted the use of painkillers — like Pfizer’s Celebrex or Merck’s Vioxx — during orthopedic surgeries, highlighting yet another layer of his disgrace. Those drugs, known collectively as “COX-2″ drugs, have been suspected of causing severe side effects like heart attacks and strokes, and Vioxx was finally withdrawn from the market in 2004. 

As was reported in Scientific American, Reuben’s work tried to encourage surgeons to abandon use of older and less expensive anti-inflammatory painkillers in favor of newer and more expensive ones called “COX-2″ drugs. 

In addition to faking research, downplaying COX-2 side effects, and jacking up the cost of medical care, Reuben also profited from financial arrangements with Merck and Pfizer. Those relationships are hard to confirm in his publications, but you find evidence of them in odd places. For example, in a conference brochure (Reuben lectured widely to disseminate his “research”) you discover that he not only received “grants” from Merck and Pfizer, but that he was also on their for-hire speaker’s bureau.  

The rest of Dr. Scannell’s commentary is found at Inside Bay Area.