Book Review: Denying AIDS

In 2008, John P. Moore Ph.D. and Seth Kalichman Ph.D. joined an unknown blogger who posted this cynical obituary after the death of Christine Maggiore, who died from complications related to an adverse drug reaction. Before her body cooled, Kalichman, Moore and a who’s who of pharmaceutically-funded activists parroted false claims that Maggiore’s death was a deserving end of a prominent “AIDS denialist.” An Internet search will locate thousands of messages, news stories and reports that assert (among other things) that Maggiore and her baby would be alive today, “if only she taken life-saving AIDS medications.” To Kalichman, the cause of her death wasn’t important. Continue reading ‘Book Review: Denying AIDS’

Defending Duesberg, Farber & Semmelweis

13 Jul (COFFEE COUNTY, TENN) – Three years after attorney Ralph Bard MD filed a lawsuit against the Semmelweis Society International (SSI) Board of Directors, Coffee County Circuit Court Judge Vanessa Jackson has dismissed the complaint.  Bard filed the lawsuit in December 2008 against SSI Board Members after they found Bard and his associates guilty of misconduct.  The SSI Board revoked his membership, along with those of Lokesh Vuyyuru MD, Henry Butler MD, Blake Moore MD and George Holmes PhD. Continue reading ‘Defending Duesberg, Farber & Semmelweis’

Former Texas Medical Board Member’s Lawsuit Dismissed

3 March – Like medical boards across the US, the Texas Medical Board stated mission is to “protect and enhance the public’s health, safety and welfare by establishing and maintaining standards of excellence used in regulating the practice of medicine and ensuring quality health care for the citizens of Texas through licensure, discipline and education.” Continue reading ‘Former Texas Medical Board Member’s Lawsuit Dismissed’

Lip Service – but No Word from Science Editors

I recently read the press release dated 12/9/2008 in which Semmelweis endorses scientist’ call for Science to RETRACT fraudulent reports on HIV. I also read the letter sent to Science sent in Dec. 2008. I am new to this topic I didn’t know it was all based upon a fraud that has maintained for 30 years and I totally support the request to withdraw all the fraudulent papers from the journalNonetheless, up to this date, has it been any response to that letter from Science?  Is it ever expected?”  Continue reading ‘Lip Service – but No Word from Science Editors’

Surgeon Wins $4.7M Settlement in Long-Running Dispute With Hospital

A surgeon who complained about the safety of reprocessing practices at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the subsequent restriction of his privileges there is entitled to the multi-million dollar arbitrated settlement the hospital agreed to pay him in 2009 but later attempted to reverse, a California appeals court has ruled. Continue reading ‘Surgeon Wins $4.7M Settlement in Long-Running Dispute With Hospital’

Jury Awards $8.8 Million to Anesthesiologist

Las Vegas - In the six years since Dr. Charles Williams lost his privileges at University Medical Center, the anesthesiologist also lost his professional reputation, his family and his home. Continue reading ‘Jury Awards $8.8 Million to Anesthesiologist’

Rep. Kolkhorst Needs Help to Keep TMB Reform Alive

18 May – As Chairwoman of the House Public Health Committee, Rep. Lois W. Kolkhorst has demonstrated her commitment to ensuring that physicians are afforded legal due process whenever they have dealings with the Texas Medical Board (TMB). She has done a yeoman’s job in writing the provision to HB 3816 during the 2009 Legislative Session and in HB 1013 Continue reading ‘Rep. Kolkhorst Needs Help to Keep TMB Reform Alive’

Is Dr. Andrew Wakefield a Victim of Sham Peer Review?

10 May|Washington DC - For over 20 years,  the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has quietly awarded millions of dollars in damages for vaccine injury to children where their brain damage results in autism.  At the same time, the US government has publicly denied a vaccine-autism link, while pressuring parents to Continue reading ‘Is Dr. Andrew Wakefield a Victim of Sham Peer Review?’

Texas House Unanimously Passes Medical Board Reform Bill

9 May - The Texas House passed HB 1013 today by a vote of 147-0, endorsing crucial reforms necessary to make the actions of the Texas Medical Board (TMB ) transparent.  This action sends a message that the TMB’s unconstitutional actions will no longer be tolerated by the Texas House. Continue reading ‘Texas House Unanimously Passes Medical Board Reform Bill’

Will You be the Next Subject of Peer Review?

11 March – One day, you receive a letter from your hospital’s medical executive committee (MEC) informing you that you’re going to be the subject of a peer review.  What you do next can determine whether you’ll be exonerated at the hearing, be forced to undergo “corrective action” such as continuing medical education or proctoring, or have your hospital privileges restricted or revoked. What do you do now?  Continue reading ‘Will You be the Next Subject of Peer Review?’