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Is Dr. Andrew Wakefield a Victim of Sham Peer Review?

10 May|Washington DC - For over 20 years,  the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has quietly awarded millions of dollars in damages for vaccine injury to children where their brain damage results in autism.  At the same time, the US government has publicly denied a vaccine-autism link, while pressuring parents to Continue reading ‘Is Dr. Andrew Wakefield a Victim of Sham Peer Review?’

Will You be the Next Subject of Peer Review?

11 March – One day, you receive a letter from your hospital’s medical executive committee (MEC) informing you that you’re going to be the subject of a peer review.  What you do next can determine whether you’ll be exonerated at the hearing, be forced to undergo “corrective action” such as continuing medical education or proctoring, or have your hospital privileges restricted or revoked. What do you do now?  Continue reading ‘Will You be the Next Subject of Peer Review?’

NM Court Denies Hospital Immunity under HCQIA

A New Mexico appeals court upheld January 11 a lower court’s refusal to grant summary judgment to a hospital based on immunity under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986 (HCQIA).  According to the appeals court, the lower court correctly found a question existed on whether the peer review action at issue was taken “after a reasonable effort to obtain the facts of the matter” as required under the statute. Continue reading ‘NM Court Denies Hospital Immunity under HCQIA’

N.Y. Health Care Workers Revolt Over H1N1 Vaccine

29 Sep 09 NYC: They’re upset over an ultimatum from the health department.
Workers are being told to either get the swine flu vaccine or lose their jobs.
New York is the first state in the country to mandate flu vaccinations for its health care workers. The first doses of swine flu vaccine will be available beginning next week. Much of it is reserved for state health care workers, but there is growing opposition to required innoculations.
Health care workers in Hauppauge screamed “No forced shots!” as they rallied Tuesday against the state regulation requiring them to roll up their sleeves.
“I don’t even tend to the sick. I am in the nutrition field. They are telling me I must get the shot because I work in a health clinic setting,” said Paula Small, a Women, Infants and Children health care worker.
Small said she will refuse, worried the vaccine is untested and unproven, leaving her vulnerable. In 1976, there were some deaths associated with a swine flu vaccination.
Registered nurse Frank Mannino, 50, was also angry. He said the state regulation violates his personal freedom and civil rights.
“And now I will lose my job if I don’t take the regular flu shot or the swine flu shot.”
When asked if he’s willing to lose his job, Mannino said, “Absolutely. I will not take it, will not be forced. This is still America.”
The protest also shook Albany Tuesday. Hundreds of demonstrators demanded freedom of choice. After all, as health care professionals they argue they’re already constantly washing their hands and aren’t likely to transmit or contract the flu.
Around 500,000 health care workers are slated to receive the vaccine.
“It’s certainly their prerogative to voice their opinion,” said Dr. Susan Donelan of Stony Brook University Hospital.
Donelan said most in the medical community see the benefits and safety of the shots and welcome them, and that hospitals must obey the law.
“Our hospital is committed to following the mandate to have our personnel vaccinated,” she said.
The state said change was needed this year to save lives, typically only about 45 percent of health care workers take advantage of voluntary flu vaccines.
More than 150 institutional outbreaks of seasonal and H1N1 flu are expected this year in hospitals, nursing homes and hospice centers.
New York and New Jersey will get their first doses of the swine flu vaccine next week. It will be the nasal mist, not a shot.

Accidental Deaths: Doctors vs. Gun Owners

There are approximately 700,000 physicians in the US who cause approximately 100,000 adverse drug reaction (ADR) deaths and 200,000 deaths annually. Some reports estimate more than 800,000 preventable deaths annually. But if we accept a conservative estimate of 120,000 preventable deaths annually, the accidental death rate per physician would be 0.171.

Conversely, there are 80 million gun owners in the US who cause approximately 1,500 accidental deaths annually. This means that the rate of accidental death per gun owner is .000188.

This means that, statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more likely to accidentally kill someone than gun owners.

While not everyone owns a gun, almost everyone has at least one doctor.

Remember, “Guns don’t kill people, doctors do.”