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Has Dr. Paolo Zamboni Solved the MS Mystery?

In a devastating blow to the $8.2 billion MS drug market, Dr. Paolo Zamboni appears to have identified the cause and cure for Multiple Sclerosis:

In a recent study by Dr. Zamboni and colleagues, the team screened for abnormalities of blood outflow in major veins draining from the brain to the heart in 65 people with different types of MS, compared with 235 people who were either healthy or who had other neurological disorders. They used sophisticated sonography techniques to detect abnormalities of venous drainage. The investigators reported significant evidence of slowed and obstructed drainage in the veins draining the brain in many of those with MS. They also found evidence of the opening of “substitute circles” – where the flow is deviated to smaller vessels to bypass obstructions, and these were often found to have reverse flow (reflux) of blood back into the brain.

The investigators call this venous obstruction “chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency,” or CCSVI. The treatment status of the people with MS (whether or not they were on an MS disease modifying drug) did not appear to influence whether they showed signs of CCSVI. The authors speculated that the reverse flow of blood back into the brain might set off the inflammation and immune-mediated damage that has been well described in MS. This study was published in June 2009 (J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2009; 80:392-399).

Dr. Zamboni’s hypothesis, if confirmed, may open up new research avenues into the underlying pathology of MS and new approaches to therapy. Dr. Zamboni himself has stated that additional research is essential to evaluate his hypothesis and how it might impact the disease process in MS, and further research is now in progress. (CTV News Video).