Terry Bennett, MD MPH graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1964 and completed his internship and residency in Los Angeles. He served in Morocco in the Peace Corps as both a physician and project director for the joint Peace Corps/Moroccan Ministry of Health Laboratory Technician’s Project, managing 120 public health service hospital volunteers throughout Morocco. In 1969, Dr. Bennett completed his Public Health Master’s Program.

As Director of Operations in Africa for the Pathfinder Fund of Boston (1969-70), Dr. Bennett designed, developed, funded, recruited and educated Providers for programs throughout the African Continent – many still running today. He also served as co-Director of Worldwide Programs for the UUSC of Boston (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee) Public Health oriented programs worldwide.

Dr. Bennett also served as ER Physician/Director in the Southbridge Webster area of Massachusetts (Harrington, Hubbard Hospitals, 1972-73), Medical Director Raytheon MidEast Systems, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (1973-74); Medical Director American Medical Center of Jeddah, a “Walk In Clinic” which had charts on over 50,000 patients and treated over 120 patients per day. The private clinic served the Ali Reza, Bin Ladin, and Zahid families, while the corporate side served more than 80 Western, European, Middle Eastern and Far East companies, including Ralph M. Parsons Corp., Parsons-Daniels Corp., Flur, Siemens, Kraftwerke Union, Leonard Moll, Streeters of Godalming (1974-81). Dr. Bennett served as Chief Physician for Alitalia Airlines (Saudi Arabia), Chief Medical Examiner for the FAA in the Middle East, and Consultant Physician to the US State Department in the Middle East.

Currently (1981-present), Dr. Bennett is in private practice in New Hampshire and is the married father of one daughter. (Watch his interviews on the end of the family physician, medical school debt, and pharmaceutical companies.)