SSI Names 2010 “Clean Hands Award” Recipient

26 Oct – Nashville - The Board of Directors is proud to announce that Dr. Richard Willner DPM, is the Semmelweis Society International “Clean Hands Award” recipient for 2010.

Tireless Advocate

Dr. Richard Willner, DPM

Civil litigation is not for everyone, but Dr. Willner has successfully kept physicians employed – even when facing seemingly hopeless odds.

“Litigation is very time-consuming.  One is out of the operating room for prolonged periods of time, it costs a fortune and the rate of success is very poor,” says Willner.

In one case, Dr. Willner’s work led to the resignation of an entire State Podiatric Medical Board.

Among the many ‘thank you’ letters are examples of gratitude for expunging records, reinstated licenses, and prevented data banking – cases that included a neurologist subjected to a criminal trial.  Thanks to Dr. Willner, his medical license was reinstated.

Dr. Willner applies a sound approach to prevent Data Banking by counseling physicians labeled as “disruptive” and getting them back into practice within the specified time limits.  In extreme cases, he has had cases expunged entirely.

SSI commends Dr. Willner for untold hours of mentoring and counseling.  His body of work attests to his love of medicine and deep admiration for honorable physicians.

For more information about Dr. Willner, visit:

The Center for Peer Review Justice.

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    Congratulation on a well-deserved award! In my opinion, Dr. Willner has lived up to his reputation and also the spirit of this award. He is currently helping my husband and I through a sham peer review. In a stormy sea of problems, Richard Willner is a bright beacon of hope. We wish you all the best!

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