Corruption Threatens DC Whistleblowers

May 21 Wash DC: Next week, the Government Accountability Project (GAP) will host the 2010 Whistleblower Assembly in Washington DC. According to their latest release, the event is co-sponsored by Semmelweis Society International (SSI) – this despite receiving proof that their alleged connection to SSI is a pharmaceutically-funded fraud.

by  Roland Chalifoux DO  – President
Saundra Counce RN – Vice President

James Murtagh MD

During their 2008 events, GAP promoted Adam Kokesh as a whistleblower who claimed to have endured retaliation from the Bush Administration. Although GAP knew that the Marine Corps had discharged Kokesh for protesting in uniform after being demoted for numerous UCMJ violations (including illegal weapons charges), GAP Director Tom Devine promoted Kokesh as an anti-war protestor for donors like George Soros at the expense of real champions like Jeffrey Wigand, Marsha Coleman Adebayo, medical professionals (SSI) and supporters like US Senator Charles Grassley.

Along with doctors who killed and assaulted patients or molested children, the pharmaceutical industry recruited Murtagh’s motley crew to pervert the name of Ignaz Semmelweis. For an industry that has paid more than $7 billion in criminal and civil fines since 2004, laundering a few million through Soros and TAC to screw with “disgruntled employees” is nothing more than Grisham’s Law of corruption replacing honesty.

This week, SSI received this message from one of many confused physician:

“I understand there is a meeting coming up in the DC area. I’d like to attend, but I don’t see anything on the website about it.”

In response, I issued this response:

Hi Barbara:

I received your message and understand your confusion.

First of all, SSI’s annual report and website establishes that these confederates are not members or officers of our organization. SSI’s official meeting is being planned for July or August 2010. We will post information about that meeting on our website when we have firm dates.

The meeting next week was coordinated by James Murtagh MD and members of the Government Accountability Project (GAP). If you have paid membership dues or any other fees to them, you may be a victim of fraud.


Like the Free Press and other pro-Marxist organizations, GAP is funded by George Soros in what appears to be an effort by Soros to control and suppress whistleblowers under the pretext of supporting them. While GAP may benefit some whistleblowers, Soros’ record is well documented. GAP appears to attract and exploit bona fide whistleblowers in an effort to give credibility to its efforts to suppress them.


According to James Murtagh, his confederate SSI organization is funded and controlled by the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC). TAC is a South African pharmaceutical front group whose funding comes indirectly from the pharmaceutical industry and pro-Marxist groups. The linkages are posted here:

(Chart with links)

Murtagh has incorporated numerous failed organizations (including IAW) and nothing prevents him or his cohorts from incorporating another Semmelweis organization in another state. But Murtagh/TAC attacks SSI specifically to overtake and control our organization in an effort to destroy it and exploit its membership much as GAP appears to be doing for Soros.

Consider also what TAG’s Richard Jefferys (Murtagh’s co-defendant) wrote in 2008 a few weeks before Murtagh left SSI for TAC:

12 May (2008) 23:29:

I think the simplest talking points are that Farber and Duesberg aren’t whistleblowers, they’re liars. The examples are many… However, it’s probably too late to affect things tomorrow, the better strategy may just to be to target each of the co-sponsoring organizations & endorsers afterward in order to ensure that Semmelweis is disinvited from next year’s event. (2009)

Reporter Diana Scholl picked up the story on Critpath and posted this story on several pharmaceutical propaganda websites:

“D.C. Fights Back member and Whitman-Walker client Mark Fischer (TAG/Critpath/pharma) says the only time he got an opportunistic infection was when he stopped taking his meds. “These aren’t whistleblowers. They’re divergent thinkers who are 21st century snake oil salesmen. And especially in D.C., where there are so many reasons why people don’t get treatment, we don’t need this,” Fischer said.

Jefferys is thankful Duesberg and Farber didn’t get near Congressional leaders. “It would have given them PR,” Jefferys said. “We have no way of knowing how many people could have suffered as a result. Often those who work in the AIDS field just think of denialism is silly and that no one believes it. But a newly diagnosed person who went to a doctor who only gave him five minutes, then decided to do a web search and saw ‘AIDS Myth Exposed’ is who I am concerned about.”

Based upon these documents, it’s clear that Murtagh’s confederates have nothing to do with SSI’S mission, website or membership. If they did, Murtagh’s group would be attacked by GAP and Jefferys as our organization continues to be.

That GAP, TAG and TAC associate with goons like Murtagh is nothing new. Shortly after assuming office in 1803, US Senator John Q. Adams complained to his father that:

“This is now in general the great art of legislation: To do a thing by assuming the appearance of preventing it… (and) …to prevent a thing by assuming that of doing it.”

To their credit, the financial and pharmaceutical industries have learned much from the tobacco industry debacle. Had Brown & Williamson controlled the media, legislators, regulators, academics, universities and whistleblower organizations as well as the pharmaceutical and financial industries do today, Jeffrey Wigand would be working minimum wage in obscurity as a disgraced tobacco-denialist. The fact that champions like Wigand and Semmelweis who risked everything are exploited to control and compromise whistleblowers is a tragedy in the making – and probably explains whyGAP has been unable to pass meaningful whistleblower protections since GAP began assisting whistleblowers in 1978.

GAP also proves James Carville’s observation – “If you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.”

Roland Chalifoux DO and Saundra Counce RN were elected as SSI’s President and Vice President (respectively) in 2008.  Their two-year terms ends in 2010. SSI’s 2010 meeting is being scheduled for this summer. SSI accepts applications from those who support whistleblower protection and the end of sham peer review. More information is found at

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  1. 1 Elizabeth Ely says

    Interesting . . . it seems the linked “Housing Works” article, quoting me, has reappeared. I searched tirelessly for this after you published “Gallo’s Egg,” alleging criminal activity among their sources, and it had completely disappeared. Guess they think the coast is clear now, huh? It’s cool again to quote TAG.

    I’m counting the days until this thing disappears again, having been mentioned in connection with this fresh new fraud. Mind saving it, Clark?

    So obvious what the whole pharma-funded libel of Celia Farber was all about. That would be her 2006 Harper’s article showing that nevirapine was deadly. You would think that if a reporter libeled a major drug, the drug company so offended would have enough money in the kitty to sue her and Harper’s to Kingdom Come. That hasn’t happened. Lawsuits are an interesting thing: Both sides get to “discover” information. Wouldn’t it be fun to subpoena, on behalf of the defense of such a suit, some clinical trial records on nevirapine, citing difficulties such as BURNING THE SKIN RIGHT OFF THE PATIENTS’ BODIES? That would certainly put a damper on sales of those (RED) t-shirts now, wouldn’t it?

    They wouldn’t want that.

    How much easier it is to go after one reporter for being genocidal for exposing a genocide. The old-fashioned way of burying a story is to simply blacklist the reporter. Better yet, plant the attack in a publication — The Nation — that has a history of righteous indignation at that sort of thing.

    How ironic — and joyous — that the lawsuit is coming from the other direction.

    Rather than cursing the darkness, rejoice in the light. Support independent journalism. Support Celia Farber. Go to her Web site: — and send a donation, large or small, through PayPal.

  2. 2 Alexander Helfen says

    Interesting…and I agree with all of it. Keep up the excellent work…I will undoubtedly be back shortly

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