CA Surgeon Explains Proposed ObamaCare

California surgeon Linda Halderman reports that Congress’ version of ObamaCare will feed the federal deficit and “cause small businesses to hemorrhage and carve a pound of flesh from patients forced to navigate the new bureaucracy it creates.”

H.R. 3200 rewards middlemen paid to deny medical care recommended by a patient’s physician. These political appointees, charged with “Comparative Effectiveness” determinations, would make treatment recommendations far from the exam room without ever having examined the patient whose treatment is denied…
Patient choice is another casualty of H.R. 3200. The effect of the bill’s new bureaucracy, a public (government-controlled) health plan, is described by The Lewin Group. Over 88 million workers would be shifted to the public plan from private coverage. Yearly premiums for individuals with private coverage would increase as the result of cost shifting from the government-sanctioned plan…
To the needs of older Americans, the bill mandates an “Advanced Care Planning Consultation” in which senior citizens must meet at least every five years with a doctor or nurse practitioner to discuss “dying with dignity.” (more here)

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