CA Senate Seeks More Info on Peer Review

SACRAMENTO 7 April: After hearing testimony from medical experts last month, members of a California Senate panel are now seeking more information on medical peer review.

The witnesses, including SSI member and AFPS founder Gil Mileikowsky MD, testified before a California Senate Hearing that asked, “Is the Physician Peer Review a Broken System?”

To clarify conflicts between the published analysis by Lumetra and the California Medical Board, the committee heard testimony from Dr. Mileikowsky (HTML, PDF, Video, Appendix), Los Angeles attorney Paul Hittelman (PDF), Gerald Rogan, MD, and Ian Grady, MD.

After additional testimony from Dr. Mileikowsky and the other witnesses, the committee requested further information and concluded: “If it is determined that the system is beyond repair then there may be a need to examine and consider new methods of ensuring patient safety.”

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