NY Physician Doesn’t Charge Patients Enough

In his blog from March 5th, Attorney Dave C. Jones writes about Dr. John Muney’s innovative method of treating those who cannot afford health insurance. In a nutshell, he charges his patients $79 per month plus $10 per visit. In other words, for about $1,000 per year, his patients do not have to worry about routine illnesses or anything else that can be taken care of in Dr. Muney’s New York offices.

Dr. Muney’s practice does not sound much differnt from that of Marcy Zwelling-Amott MD (video). 

Attorney Jones asks:

Who could possibly have a problem with that plan? Apparently, the New York state insurance regulators do. The state told Dr. Muney that his plan is an insurance policy and he has to be licensed to sell insurance.

Give me a break. The government cries out of one side of its mouth that society has an obligation to ensure that every person has access to health care; then, out of the other side, it berates doctors who do something to make that goal a reality. What the government really wants is complete control of everything. If the government really cared about the people, New York state would have no problem with what Dr. Muney is doing. In fact, the state should be recommending that idea to doctors all over the state.

It’s not clear how raising his visit fee to $33 will secure compliance but you can read more on this story at State of (In)dependence, New York Post, News Day, and Crain’s.

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