Semmelweis Society International (SSI) is no longer in operation.  Since 2011, the Office of Medical & Scientific Justice (OMSJ) has accepted requests for assistance from clinicians who are targeted by hospitals and healthcare organizations for “sham peer review.”  For more information, visit this page or contact OMSJ.

Recent Issues

In 2008, John P. Moore Ph.D. and Seth Kalichman Ph.D. joined an unknown blogger who posted this cynical obituary after the death of Christine Maggiore, who died from complications related to an adverse drug reaction. Before her body cooled, Kalichman, Moore and a who’s who of pharmaceutically-funded activists parroted false claims that Maggiore’s death was […]

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Visit our Assistance section if you suspect that you may be a target of sham peer review.

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To help us serve healthcare professionals, SSI relies on membership fees and donations to manage this website and to assess individual needs. Individuals who seek assistance are urged to complete this application and submit their tax-deductible application fee of $125. This fee covers your first hour of legal consultation and, if approved, covers your first year of SSI membership.